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Jordan Clark
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Hey Everyone!

I was wondering what website everyone has found the best for hiring experienced customer success managers? There isn't a job board to find talent in GGR or to post openings so I figured I'd ask for suggestions. I'm guessing LinkedIn but there may be others out there I wouldn't think to try for these roles.

If anyone has any referrals, my company is looking for a Senior CSM that has B2B SaaS product management experience. The role is somewhat of a hybrid of PM/CSM. Feel free to reach out to me with anyone has questions.





  • Jeffrey Kushmerek
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    Hi Jordan, 

    I have found Linked In to be the best way, especially if you can get network referrals. Besides that, Indeed is probably the next site. Good luck!
  • WillowMoellering
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    @Jordan Clark, what site did you end up using? 
  • Matt Myszkowski
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    GGR does have a job board - see here:

    I also think LinkedIn is the best, using your network of CS (or other) professionals.
  • Jordan Silverman
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    If you are looking for someone eager to work at a startup/fast growing company I like AngelList a lot -

    We have hired some great people from here on both the customer success and onboarding teams.
    Jordan Silverman
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  • Anastasia Magnitskaia
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    I would add Customer Success Leadership Network on Slack channel to the list. If you are not a member, I am happy to invite you- just let me know your email address. 
  • Cristina Vatavu
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    CS communities are great! Another one is Thrive Network on Slack; I'm happy to send the invitation to those interested.
  • Andrea Lightman
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    Would you mind  adding me to the list for this network on Slack. Really appreciate.

    Let me know if I can provide any additional information.

  • Andrew Fink
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    Hi Anastasia,

    Would you mind adding me to the CS Leadership Network on Slack as well?

    Thank you

    Andrew Fink