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Cecilia Baeza-Castro
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Any advice on how to build low touch or even touch-less customer experience, more specifically onboarding? I'm into the E-learning for businesses space, and this is my first time diving into low touch. We have seen an increased demand from early-stage startups that don't require much than just learning how to maximize the benefits of our platform. What I fear is missing to deliver value, falling only into the transactional side and then facing churn rates since it's an annual subscription.  Thank you :)


  • Andreas Loupasakis
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    There are a number of ways and tools out there that you can use to perform low touch, scalable customer success. I would recommend to start looking into the following topics:

    - Webinars (webinar planning, webinar trainings etc.)

    - In-App tutorials (basically guided tours that guide your users to achieve key milestones)

    - Automated In-App messaging

    - Email Automation

    Please do keep in mind that low touch customer success is not a system you set in autopilot and you just leave it there. You need to constantly optimize and adjust all the little elements that you use that lead to an amazing onboarding experience :-)

    Last but not least, it's good to combine a low touch customer success program with a customer support  team that can take care of any inbound conversations that your automation will produce.

  • Cecilia Baeza-Castro
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    Thank you, Andreas! Your reminder, right on the spot. I was having that conversation precisely. 
    When you mentioned about inbound conversation, you mean more like a community kind of engagement or more on the side of questions and answers about needs that may arise?