Cross-Sell Benchmarks

Ryan Creamore
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Curious if anyone knows of any benchmarking data which would identify what % of current customers purchase an additional product in a given year?

For example; if the average company has 100 customers, what percentage of that cohort buys an additional product within the year?




  • KellyD
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    I have seen companies use the KBCM Technology Group Private SaaS Company Survey for benchmarks

  • Russell Bourne
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    @Ryan Creamore, do you identify cross-sell orders at the time of purchase?  If so, you can run an ERP report on cross-sells and remove duplicates, which would show you how many customers bought a cross-sell item.  I believe most ERPs would allow you to create a dashboard to track the sales in real time, without needing separate software extensions; Salesforce certainly does.