CS Training Successes & Impact on CS Metrics Success/Results

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I'm super curious to hear from those of you in a CS leadership role and those of you who have chosen a CS individual contributor role, what training you have received (internal to your company or from an outside source) that has had the greatest impact on your ability to produce considerable results in your as a CS Professional. If you're comfortable sharing the results and metrics that the training enabled you to move that would be really helpful as well. Thanks!



  • Yanira "Janita" Sesniak
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    Hi Dan -

    In my past 3 companies I have not received as much leadership training I would like. Out of all of these, mentorship has had the greatest impact on my career and it was I who sought it out. The reason is I got a very clear understanding what leaders were looking for not just in the numbers but also in how people showed up (executive presence, follow-through, etc.)

    Examples of leadership training I have received from companies are: 

    - How to Deliver Effective Feedback 

    - How to Create an Interview Process

    Examples of leadership training I have taken up myself to pursue:

    - Arbinger Institute's Outward Mindset

    - InsideOut Development's INsideOut Coaching

    - Mentorship with several different leaders (Legal Counsel, CEO, COO, VP of CS, VP of Sales)

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    I got extensive training as a Sr. CSM while at Dun & Bradstreet. It was 6-8 weeks of nothing but training and learning. I didn't received any clients until I passed it. Let's see, some of it included:

    1. The typical training on an employer's product/solution

    2. A designated "buddy" to ask questions as I'm trained

    3. Their CS strategy and delivery process (SUPER intense)

    4. Weekly calls with the trainer to discuss the material that was required to be reviewed, watched, read, and listened to beforehand.

    5. Requirement to pass an exam 95%+, create an "Adoption" customer QBR presentation, which had to include data analysis from raw data points along with a business interpretation, as well as a use case analysis, and goal alignment strategy. I then had to role play the QBR with the "fake" customer, and ask/answer questions just as you would when delivering a QBR.

    By far, #5 was the most rigorous part of the training, and the most valuable. It's what helped best equip me to deliver CS to our highest value clients.

    I'm happy to discuss it more in depth if you like, including the type of goals I met/achieved as a result (just ping me on LinkedIn).

    In particular that level of knowledge led to helping GE/ServiceMax level-up the way they deliver CS, and being one of the go-to CSM's on how to deliver CS in a strategic way for customers.

    Hope that's helpful!