How customer-centric are you?

James Stuart
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How customer-centric are you?

Currently, I am in the process of completing #csm level 1 course by #successhacker and one of the modules is around customer-centricity.

It poses the question of how customer-centric are you and your organisation.

As a #CS community, we all think we are customer-centric but we can all do more.

You can do more by

-When developing a new process or product, ask yourself how will this impact your customer.

-Invite your customer to lunch and learn. (Virtual for now)

-Make the customer part of your solution- Walk through your processes as if you were the customer

-Listen to your customer- Ultimately they will have the most relevant feedback on your product as they use it the most

-Link employee culture to customer outcomes.

How else can you or your organisation be more customer-centric?