Is Customer Success the right place to build a career in?

Ratan Mehta
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Hey CS leaders, CS managers and CS believers!

I'm trying to understand if the Success role, the org chart and the investment in Customer Success is growing.
I understand that more and more CCOs (Chief Customer Officers) exist now, and hence there is definitely more recognition of the Success org, but I don't know the trends.

Would someone be able to point me in the direction of:

  1. Is the number of people in CS roles growing? (What are the numbers vs growth expectations)
     - (Or are the number of job openings likely to grow, and are there stats behind that)
  2. What the current CS org looks like vs the next few years of CS org charts look like?
  3. How CS roles change from small/medium SaaS companies to enterprise SaaS companies?
  4. Some idea on the growth in investment from SaaS companies into Customer Success.
I'd be very grateful to understand Cust. Success growth, and if it makes sense to continue down a path of Success.

For instance one other growing trend that I've noticed is that inside sales is growing like crazy, and many companies, are tending towards becoming fully inside sales driven, leading to huge changes/investment in inside sales org structures. 

Thanks for bearing with my questions and allowing me to learn from the community. Looking forward to getting to know many many of you here, over the next few months!