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Craig Jackson
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GGR Fam, 

We've just completed out Q4 customer reviews and whilst we've been given plenty to work on we have also been given some amazing feedback. From this we have identified our evangelists  and our customers that are more than willing to recommend our services. 

I want to make sure we are giving back to our customers for their goodwill and id like to know whats worked for the community in the past. Any innovative ideas for roll out or adoption would also be very welcome. 

Thanks in advance team.


  • Jordan Silverman
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    Hey Craig! We use a platform called Referral Rock and have embedded this directly into our Saas application -

    How does it work?

    When a client refers someone we give a $250 Amazon gift card once the referral signs up.

    We have tried other things as well, for example $100 regardless if the referral signs up, but found this to be the most successful.

    A little bit about MarketMan - $149 per month with an average LTV of 100 months (varies based on segment and size). You will want to adjust your $ referral amount accordingly. And don't be afraid to A/B test!

    Happy to answer any questions and give additional tips if you want!
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  • Craig Jackson
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    This is awesome. Thanks @Jordan Silverman.

    We considered credit against monthly subscription but it doesn't seem to carry the same excitement when running it past customers. 

    I am just finalising my plan around how we can get the biggest results from the call to action, with Christmas coming up I think vouchers can be a very good option.