Moment of Subscription (and how to get there)

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Hey Everyone,

I am super interested to hear your experience with the following dilemma:

We are in a super early stage (the product isn't live yet) start-up and we are building up our early strategy for Sales-Success handoff and basically everything else. :) 

What we defined so far is that we give a 14 days trial and create more and more content for the self-serving segments, though at the beginning we would like to you onboard everyone the same way as we would onboard an enterprise customer.

What we haven't figured out: 

What is the journey of the leads to become customers, who book a demo instead of having trials with the product?

Does anyone have a strategy or playbook for mid-high touch prospects in your company? Where do you expect them the subscribe and become a customer? Is it before or after the kick-off meeting with Success?

I would love to hear any input on the subject.