CSM Email Campaigns: Ideas & Best Practices

Samantha Dixon
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Hey everyone! My name is Sam and I work as a CSM at a childcare management SAAS company in Toronto. This is my first post - thanks for having me!

I have a question for the group. Our team recently got Salesloft and we're looking forward to leveraging more email campaigns for our customers - this is especially important for our team, as CSMs have a wide portfolio of about 600-800 customers each. (Difficult to reach them all via phone!)

We're pretty new still to email campaigns, and are looking for unique or interesting campaign ideas to help with the following:

1) Engaging zero-use & at-risk customers
2) Upselling features in-app 

Would love to start a discussion about email campaigns and best practices for CSMs - any ideas or resources to check out would be amazing!

Thanks everyone :)


  • Jarren Pinchuck
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    Hi Samantha, 

    Wow, 600+ customers is a massive portfolio. How are you and the team even "touching" a small portion of those to add value?

    These campaigns you speak of seem to be more marketing focused than customer success. Have you discussed this with your marketing team? Nurture or drip campaigns set up by marketing are tailored for upselling and feature adoption. 

    Re zero-use customers, did they ever use the platform or did they sign up and then never engage? Have you got any data on response rates yet?