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Hi fellow CS leaders! Would love some guidance on the following:

My company is thinking about not renewing our CRM license and we have already started looking at other options. Our sales team is looking into using for sales and as a CS org, we are trying to figure out what ongoing customer management looks like. is mainly a sales tool and does not have any support ticketing or post-sales features. They recommended that I looked into HelpScout for a support tool that integrates with I looked into it and it looks like it would function as a super basic support tool but it did not have any sort of account management capabilities for business records like our old CRM. What I am worried about is not having one central place of record to see communication, notes, etc.. 

We have also been evaluating churn zero as a success tool because of it's automated plays and product integration. I am thinking that this tool will help give us that central place of record even though it is not a full CRM. I'm hoping that would work and we could go with a basic support ticketing tool if we had churn zero. However, I am not used to not having a full CRM like hubspot or salesforce. What am I missing here in my thinking? Does anyone else use multiple tools like this for their customer management? 

Any insight helps!



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    Hi Stephen! I'm in a similar situation and am interested in what responses others in the community may have.

    Or perhaps you've arrived at a solution, in which case I'd love to hear about that as well!