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Hi GGR Members! 

The number one request that we receive at GGR is around helping CS Leaders fill open positions on their teams.  

We've kept this at arm's length because there are already job boards galore out there. Honestly, I thought we could avoid this forever – but this community is here to provide value to YOU.  


So, here we go... 


We've launched the Gain Grow Retain Job Board Community.  This is our attempt at creating an authentic way to connect our members around open positions.  

Why post my job opening on the GGR Job Board Community 

We've got over 5000+ leaders in our ecosystem – these are individuals who are taking the time to invest in themselves – don't you want that type of energy on your team? 

Translation: It won't get lost in the shuffle or black-box algorithm of LinkedIn or Google or Facebook or TikTok. 

If you're looking to hire (or looking for a new role), please join and subscribe.  

Our #1 Rule (And only rule – I think?) -- The Job Board Community is going to be a place where our members can share what Customer Success roles they have at their company.  This is going to be a sticking point...the job has to be at YOUR company 

We're excited to get this off of the ground and welcome any feedback that we can adapt to make this relevant for you as leaders.  

Venture over and check out our opening post...