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Arnold de la Fuente
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Hi CSM's,


In the context of continuous learning...

Are any of you CSM's up for setting up an overall General CSM-Program (online document collab) in the GGR library?

Exempli gratia - containing the following:

  1. CSM Introduction
    1. What is Customer Success
    2. What does a CSM do (and does not)
    3. What's the value of a CSM
  2. Customer Journey to Success through:
    1. Customer Success Planning Workshop:
      1. Strategy
      2. Map out complexity of customers business
      3. Current Customer Readiness (Gartner Maturity Model)
      4. Identify Customer Gaps & Risks
      5. Share & Apply Best practices
      6. Customer Success Action Plan – Book of Play
      7. Change Management (PROSCI)
        1. Setting up Success measurements (Customer & CSM) around the overall Customer Health Score broken down to the following:
          1. Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) - Tools
          2. Net Promotor Score (NPS) - Tools
          3. Risk Management
          4. Customer Innovation
          5. Daily Average Use (DAU) – WAU – MAU
          6. Adoption Rate Product/Service
          7. Renewals (Planning)
          8. Churn (Strategy)
          9. Customer Advocacy
          10. Product-/Services-/Licence Value
          11. Current vs. Estimated Customer Value
          12. Cross-/Upsell - Value
          13. Customer Effort Score (CES)
          14. Customer Insights (Cross Company)
          15. Customer Feedback - Tools
          16. Number of Customer Referrals
          17. Shared Roadmap
          18. Customer Product-/Service Input
          19. Quarterly Business Review (QBR)
          20. Number of Ambassadors
          21. Number of References
          22. Number of Open Issues
          23. Learnings from Customer Exit Interviews

        Please add your ideas...

        When the need arises, I will give a first impetus

        Thank you!


        • Anita Toth
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          Sounds like a great project  @Arnold de la Fuente

          As a 'how to person', I'd like to add:

          How to conduct Customer Exit interviews
          Customer Feedback (Planning and Strategy)
          How to increase survey response rates
          How to have Difficult Customer Conversations
          Reporting data to drive change/create buy-in

          Should VOC be added too or should it separated out into it's component parts (CAB, surveys, social listening etc)?

          There's also this discussion around building an industry-wide definition of CS that would be helpful to your first points. (click on the underline)

        • Erika Villarreal
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          Hello Arnold!
          I am currently building a program like this at my company. I'd add this into your metrics:
          24. Customer Health
          25. Success Plans
          26. Building customer journey
          27. Engagement models (high touch/Low touch models)