Effective actions to take in response to health scores?

Danielle Fisher
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Hey guys

I've recently joined the GGR community and think there are some great insights shared across the forum!

One thing I've been searching for and haven't quite found is how you might deal with low, neutral and good health scores.

We've drafted out our version 1 health score for our firm and understand what it needs to look like.

I was just wondering if you guys had any tips or insights around how you have improved poor/neutral health scores in the past and methods that you have found to be effective?

To my mind the action would be based on the biggest churn contributor for a specific client, and some ideas I have gathered from research are as follows:
  • Engaging clients with narrow feature usage in product coaching and training provided those features align with their goals
  • Encouraging engagement through automated e-mails, personal emails or phone calls
  • Re-alignment calls with a CSM to understand changing business priorities/goals and how our product fits into that.
I'd love to hear what you guys think.


  • Brian Hoffman
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    Hey Danielle! In your healthscore calculation, what are the variables you have in there that define a healthy or unhealthy customer (adoption, low satisfaction, single threading with one champion, etc.)?

    Everything you said sounds great. My recommendatin would be, let's say you have 5 variables that impact health--have 5 different playbooks for when customers are unhealthy because of specific variables.

    On the flip side, for customers who are thriving, set up automated campaigns to try and convert them into advocates. In terms of advocacy, here is how we do it at ChurnZero: https://vendors.trustradius.com/churnzero-reviews-how-to/

  • Daniel Hoesing
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    Hi Danielle, Sorry for the delay in response.  

    It's difficult to answer your question on health scores without knowing the specific variables.  I recommend health scores for a broad overview of how well a portfolio of clients are performing.  When you get to the individual level, I prefer to use specific risk events.  This tells you the specific reason or reasons the client is at risk, and should have a corresponding play book to address the customer scenario (questions to ask and actions to take) as well as a definition as to how the customer comes off of the risk.  There aren't an infinite number of risks or scenarios.    

    The purpose of heath scores is to predict churn and make it easy for executives to understand performance.  If it's too complicated to know what levers to pull, it's probably too complicated for the executives to understand.  I would define your risk events and split them into hard risks (product gaps, performance gaps etc.) and soft risks (behavior based - product use etc.) this should precede health scores IMO.  From these risks you can get an idea of how to formulate the health scores that actually provide information.  

    Hope this helps.  Happy to go into further detail if you need.