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*SUBJECT LINE EDIT: CSM Effectiveness when there is lack of processes in place. 

Shoutout to Breakout Room #4 from todays Office Hours @Sofia Reimchen @David Nedohin @Bryce Oishi @Kevin Leonor @Meredith Smith

Todays topic:  What is the #1 challenge that you face as a CSM and what do you need to do to solve it? 

Our group discussed the effectiveness of the CSM in continuing to drive value and transfer knowledge to the customer when there is vagueness or gaps in internal processes or practices.  How can the CSM shift from the reactive role to a proactive approach?  

A few ideas that we discussed were:
-Using templates to become more efficient with your time
-Sharing internal Best Practices with continual updates as situations occur.  This can also include the use of a Handbook that can be reevaluated throughout the year.  
-Improved and thorough onboarding of the CSM vs. just shadowing someone else on the team

Would love to hear additional thoughts and ideas.


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    I just responded to @Brian LaFaille's LI post on this. Personally, I think about it in two ways: 1. Organizational behavior, 2. Individual behavior.

    The first is a management issue can be overcome by improving processes upstream, such as better onboarding, business reviews, health scores, etc. Doing so increases the odds customers will renew, so CSMs will spend less of their time reacting and trying to save customers.

    The second is a leadership and personal mastery issue. Leaders must provide direction as to what is and is not a priority, and employees must then manage their time accordingly. Stephen Covey's seminal work, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People is a wonderful resource for the latter. Habit 1: Be Proactive.

    So to sum up, if CSMs are too reactive, then have a chat with who supervises them. There's work to be done.
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    Thank you @Ed Powers for the feedback.  I couldn't agree with you more that this is a twofold approach.  From the organizational standpoint, arming a CSM with tools to better assist them in their daily workflow allows them to focus their attention on the needs and growth of the customer.  From an individual standpoint, great leaders encourage, support, and elevate their team but it is the responsibility of the individual to set good habits to achieve maximum productivity.