Customer Success in Membership Organizations

Caitlin Hume
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Hi all!

New joiner to this community and I've already learned so much in the past week.

I'm the Senior Director of Member Success for a membership-based organization. Our company serves purpose-driven executives and business leaders who are - or want to be - at the forefront of socially responsible business practices and the stakeholder economy. 

I'm wondering if there are any other customer success leaders here who work for a membership organization, versus a SaaS company? While 99% of CS best practices still apply to my role, it'd still be nice to have connections to others with similar org structures and role challenges.

Thank you!


  • Jake Smith
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    Hey Caitlin -

    I recently transitioned from leading a Customer Success team for a SaaS company to leading a Customer Success org for a membership organization. Definitely so much that is similar, but there are differences, too. Happy to connect!