Service Delivery Manager vs Customer Success Manager

Marco Carrubba
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 I had a conversation today on Service Delivery Manager vs Customer Success Manager. 
I remember reading somewhere that they are not exactly the same, but was unable to explain the differences.
Any hint or resource I could look at?

Thanks in advance!



  • Natalia Goyenechea
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    Hi Marco,  usually an SDM is tied to service delivery. I used to be one for SAP UK and my role was to support Service sales, oversee SAP CX implementation projects, Support  PMs and consultants during the delivery of a project; Plan, prepare and manage consultant assignments. Manage the Services pipeline. etc. 
    I'm a CSM now and my role is not so intimately related to Service, it is more across all activities and initiatives that would make Customers successful: keep their software adoption levels high, ensure they are happy to renew their contracts with us and hopefully become references for other customers.  It's more an executive advisor role that sometimes needs to involve an SDM if the way to address a specific customer need is by implementing new features or involving an expert. I hope this helps? check out my Linked in profile to see how i described my 2 last roles. (SDM and Engagement manager in SAP lingo meant the same in my case)
    Cheers, Natalia