Testing Project Management Skills During Interviews

Renata Dinamarco
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Hello CS Hiring Managers!

I'm currently hiring my first CSM and am incorporating a "test" into the process where I'm asking candidates to put together a project plan for a hypothetical scenario using the tool we use, Asana, to create tasks, assign them to individuals, enter due dates, include dependencies, apply priority labels, and organize tasks into relevant groups, etc. The candidate would then present the plan to us and explain why they organized themselves as they did.

I need help coming up with a hypothetical scenario that is complex enough to offer flexibility for creativity, but doesn't require a ton of background knowledge. Has anyone done something like this before and can share what they did?

Any help or ideas would be appreciated!


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    @Renata Dinamarco we do something similar at my company during the hiring process. Between the last round and references we give some "homework".

    What we decided is that the "homework" should closely reflect what the new hire will be needing to learn/do on a daily basis.

    I would take a step back and put together a list of the 5 most important use cases within Asana for a team member. Then see if one of those fits for this! 
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