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Andrey Tirel
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Hi CS Fam,

How do you guys share a sensitive product roadmap? Wondering if there is software out there that lets you host recording that can be opened with a one-time token, etc. that is geared toward product/CS? 

Our challenge, we do not want to have our CTO or product present a roadmap to our 200+ customers on a quarterly basis as part of our QBRs. CS does not have full details or a timeline of what we are working on when it'll come out exactly, so there is tons of value in having a roadmap video or conversation. 

Curious to what everyone else thinks?


  • Markus Kjelsrud Pedersen
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    Hi Audrey,

    At our firm we use productboard. It's a nice way for us to have one platform for internal use and one that can be shared with our customers. This will give them a roadmap of our product releases, and also give us inputs like ideas and change request. So you can kind of split your roadmap into one that's shareable and one that's for internal use only. That way you won't have to share sensitive product information.