CSM Office Hours - Meeting Notes (03-16-21)

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A big thank you to @Anastasia Magnitskaia for capturing and sharing the notes below! 

Please take a review of the notes and add your own!


Ice-breaker: "If you weren't in CS, what would be your passion career?"

Discussion question: What ways do you "tactically" capture voice of the customer? 

Capturing Voice of the Customer
  • Product Surveys
  • NPS
  • Logging documentation into tools (SFDC, GS, etc)
  • Crowdsourcing via customer forum, polls (i.e slido).
  • Communities / forums
Roadmap sharing ideas:
  • Depending on customer potential / size, direct PM to customer engagement - monthly or quarterly calls + BETA groups.
  • Put product roadmap for everyone to see, product team can connect directly with customers (quarterly public webinar)
Important factor to consider: If you are sourcing feedback from customers, make sure you circle back with them on their specific feedback. It help avoid:
  • "What happened to my idea?"
  • "...It seems like my feedback is going no where..."
  • Who wants to be in the black hole? 
  • It is also important to review feature requests internally and making sure you talk to the entire team (this needs to be conducted regularly)
  • Strategic customer segment vs. growth vs. the overall business
Leveraging Exit Interviews:
  • How do you frame that interview? Know what customer measure value in.
  • Important to engage leadership stakeholders, but that is always a challenge because they are busy, delegate things etc... 
  • Asking the right questions: Move out of just tactical feedback to the strategic or industry feedback
Option suggestions:

  • Some companies use Facebook for community support- which accounts get access? How do you moderate that, etc?
  • Know your audience - inviting the right people at the right time
  • Adoption should be a team activity - product, sales, support and CS.
  • Chat analysis- very time consuming but can be great for analytics.
Tools mentioned on the call: 

Hotjar- looking at how accounts are using your product (may not work for all industries, such as cyber security)

Trello - project planning / feedback tracking