Starting to use SAM's and looking for insight into weekly and monthly cadence for Enterprise account

Jeffrey Kushmerek
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Hi there, 
One of my customers that I work with on the implementation and onboarding asked for some assistance as they are seeing a lot of traction in the marketplace. The SMB model was pretty standard for a smaller company, where the CSM's are responsibile for the onboarding  team and then overall post launch customer succcess. For enterprise, they are going to use the model where the CSM is doing onboaarding and implementation (with tech resources), but then account management is going to be with the Strategic account managers. 

The question that was posed to me is in regards to the weekly and monthly activities that the SAM does, and what the cadence is on a weekly and monthly basis. From my experience, you map strategic initiatives to the next QBR, meet weekly to make sure inititiatives are being met, adoption is progressing, and all the other good CSM stuff. Are there other items that you would include here? 



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    Thanks for the question Jeff.  One of the critical components I measure in my assessment of CS groups is capturing the "value formula"  during onboarding.  Among other things, its critical to get the actual formula that will calculate the client value.  Sometimes it's several things, but you get it by asking the customer about their personal and professional expectations (asked separately) sometimes they are different.   The personal goals you document in the CRM and make sure you are aware of them, but the professional expectations/ goals are what you can develop a value formula from. 

    Example:  A background check company I worked with had a very large gig economy "gorilla" client.  They did a study that said their drivers were 80% more likely to stay if they were scheduled to work 2 days after they applied.  Up to this point, the company was delivering average turnaround time.  That wasn't really the metric.  We needed the number (and %) of candidates that came back under 2 days, NOT the average.  We quantified with the client that this saved them a hard $600 in costs and another $1000 in soft costs when the check was returned in 2 days.  We then needed the competitors rate.  They were 92% within 2 days.  The value equation (agreed to by the client) was ((#checked*%<2days)-(#checked*.92))*600= hard cost savings, *1600 for both hard and soft savings over the competitor.  THIS is the number you should share.  Its not just the equation, it has to be the equation over what the competitor could provide and then add in other benefits. I have other examples if you're interested - just let me know!