Looking for Recommendation for Team Training/Guest Speaker on Phone Support

Maxine Karlinsky
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Good Morning!

Our customer support team is looking to bring in a guest speaker/trainer to speak to our customer support team to discuss Phone Support strategies. In particular we would like to have someone come in and offer some perspective on why phone support is a value add to the customer experience, how to add value during your convo, how to be comfortable on the phone, how to politely end long winded/ranting/rude customer convos. etc.

If anyone know or has worked with any good speakers would appreciate your recommendations!


  • Steve Bernstein
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    Hi @Maxine Karlinsky-- I know @Anita Toth has put together a great educational series around handling difficult conversations and engaging customers appropriately, and she's a terrific speaker.  Also might check out @Daniel Hoesing as he provides a predictive index methodology to drive the most important projects with a keen eye toward customer support and service, and would likely be a fabulous resource for creating the momentum around the initiative.
  • Anita Toth
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    Thanks for tagging me @Steve Bernstein.

    Maxine -- I'd be happy to chat about what you need exactly and how my Difficult Customer Conversations course might be able to help your team.

    Feel free to DM me here or over on LinkedIn. ?

  • Maxine Karlinsky
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    Thank you @Steve Bernstein for the recommendations . @Anita Toth, I will be in touch shortly. Would love to discuss the Difficult Customer Conversations course, as I think this could benefit our team greatly.