Hiring for a Client Support Specialist - Any good interview questions?

Shari Srebnick
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My long time Customer Support Specialist is leaving after almost 7 years and therefore I'm in the process of just starting interviews.  

I've not had to hire for this role before - it is first and foremost managing the Tech Support queue via Zendesk/JIRA for our US customers, but includes other things -  and I want to make sure I'm asking good questions.  I definitely want to see critical thinking skills, problem solving, how they handle difficult customers/conversations, etc.. - but is there anything else I'm missing for a role like this?  Just want to ensure I properly cover my bases.




  • Alex Pukos
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    Hi Shari,

    I'd be happy to jump on a Zoom if you wanted to chat! I lead our Support team and we've done quite a bit of hiring recently. We revamped our interview process with some new questions in advance of our growth. Feel free to drop me a DM if you'd like to connect and see some of our Qs and scoring rubric.