How do you balance desired outcomes with having to assign out a lot of your work

Sarah W
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Hi Everyone,

I'm new here! I didn't know a community like this existed and it's wonderful to virtually meet everyone :) 

I'm blessed in my role to have a ton of resources at my disposal (Managed Services, technical product team members, heavily involved AEs, etc) but I really struggle with trusting those team members to perform. 

As an example, I've had mostly bad experiences with my Managed Services team's response times to customers and the quality of their responses. The product teams are overworked/overextended and can't provide in depth support and AE's don't want to be involved unless there is upsell. 

As such I find myself owning a lot more of the customer workload than I should be, or even have the bandwidth to handle. 

I've provided this feedback to my management team and they're aware of it and trying to work on it; but I'm curious what your strategies are to let people do their jobs and not get over-involved in things you could easily fix, but aren't in your scope. 

I want to trust people to do their work, but ultimately if things go wrong it leads to churn which hurts my deliverables. Help!