July GGR Theme.....(drum roll)

Jeff Breunsbach
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July we're going to focus our content and Office Hours on "Customer Engagement"

This will help us dive deeper into specific areas and derive actionable conversation for leaders. 

So, what are your most pressing opportunities around customer engagement? 

What can we be talking about in Office Hours for July related to that...


  • Brian Hansen
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    I have a hard time making the Office Hours live but listen afterwards and get a ton of value from them. One of the topics I hear you talk about a lot is community. I think that would be a cool topic as part of an engagement concept: How can we leverage a one-to-many approach and still have an intimate feeling to the interaction? Thanks, Jeff!
  • Steve Botz
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    Would appreciate any ideas/best practices on the following:
    • How to create some sort of recurring content to nurture accounts with many users. Bonus points for how to do this across active/engaged v not active/engaged users
    • Any best practices or examples where companies have "gamified" the user experience. Whether it be the customer success manager "hosting" or formally leading some type of quarterly game, or whether it was done through the product
    • Does anyone have OKRs around engagement? If so what are they?
  • Jeremy Donaldson
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    Excellent topic series, @Jeff Breunsbach!

    1) Building user communities
    2) One-to-many CS
    3)  The unscalable but absolutely necessary engagement types

    PS. We still need office hours hosts!