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Hi all :) 

Happy Thursday!

I recently initiated a task to align the WoW in our Customer Success Teams. One of the things, that I am looking into is the way the CS teams work with account plans. In that connection, I would like to change the name "account plan" to something less "salesy". It is important to mention that I already did create a separate template for an external Success Plan and defined a WoW according to that. The account plan should work as an internal document exclusively. 

I have a few ideas in mind but would really appreciate your input on a new cool name for account plans :) 

Ideas that came up: 

- The Customer Blueprint 
- The Strategic Plan 




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    We're using Joint Success Plan!

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    Hey @Julie Schifter - I remember at one point @Kristi Faltorusso mentioned that they renamed account plans at one of her previous companies to fit the language of the customer. So if you can fit that in, it may be a way to go.

    At one point I used Battle Plan. But don't like that reference as much.

    Here at HL, we use Community Launch Plan or Community Success Plan.