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I recently joined a tech startup as a Customer Success Specialist. I am finishing up week two and still in the "fly on the wall" stage learning the tech and watching my CS manager and CS director take calls. Besides taking notes and asking how I can help, do you have any other advice on how else I can be successful in my current role? I am relatively new to CS, my last role had project management and communication skills but not to my current CS role's extent. My manager recommended using GGR, but if there are any other tools that are beneficial please comment below! 

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    I encourage everyone on my team, as well as those is Sales, to be able to "walk the walk" and not just "talk the talk" as best they can.  If a customer has a sense that you truly understand the processes and issues your solution is addressing, you will be one step closer to gaining their trust, building a good relationship, and being seen as an advocate advisor to the client.   Here are some action items you can look into: 
    • Study real world examples of processes and issues your customer face and determine how your solution has addressed them in the past. 
    • Find out if your company has created customer profile types or personas. 
    • Determine if / how each real world example may apply to different customer types or personas.
    • Find out what your solution is especially good at and what it is not good at.  A part of being a good CSM is knowing and communicating the limitations of your solution.
    • Find ways to become passionate about your product/solution.   The best CSMs truly believe in their products & services.  They are evangelists.