What process improvements are you targeting to deploy?

Alex Hornbuckle
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We've heard from our network that COVID has required them to adopt initiatives that they had been putting off, and that they intend to keep them moving forward.  

What initiatives are you looking to implement soon?  What have you recently implemented that is proving successful?


  • WillowMoellering
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    This may seem counter intuitive, but this could be a good time for technology "house cleaning"; for example, have you been limbing by with a Support Dashboard because you haven't had time to update it. 

    Specifically for the support team, if they are seeing less volume, think about what improvement initiatives you can assign throughout the team and implement.

  • Jennifer Dole
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    One of the main themes we are accelerating right now is "simplify."

    We conducted focus groups with our community of clients to understand how they were doing, what challenges they are facing, and how we could help them.  It was one of the most collaborative discussions to date.  Many responded that they are "working with what they have already invested in" and "simplifying process."  We are using those themes to guide conversations with other clients.

  • Jeremy Donaldson
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    @Alex Hornbuckle - We are using the "slow down" to target and eliminate key technical debt of our products that we haven't been able to invest into because of resource and bandwidth constraints.


  • Thomas Seelbinder
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    @Willow Moellering 100%.  We've done a ton of "house cleaning" and put many of our existing processes under a microscope.

    We've also evolved the foundation of our touches and are heavily focused on starting conversation around how our clients are adapting, how their business is moving forward, etc - looking for opportunities where we can deploy resources (with billing suspended) to help.

  • Jung Kim
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    In the spirit of being able to adjust as a holistic company, we've been working on creating a ton more clarity in our SOW, (even, or especially for, our smallest MRR clients). The same best practices for larger contracts in creating a clear strategy for execution isn't a lost benefit for our SOWs across the board. Now is a good a time as any to make sure that we shake things up and not get lost in the execution, but again to reiterate from earlier on in the journey from the inside out! Not doable without key buy-in across departments, of course!