Customer Success Enablement: What's working, challenging, and/or unanswered?

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Hi GGR Community,

I'm in CS Ops, with a primary focus on CS Enablement.  I feel like at this point, there isn't much on CS Enablement, and yet it is becoming more and more important.  As CS Leaders, I would love to get some takes on the following questions.

Why?  Well, two reasons. First, you may have stumbled across a brilliant idea or a roadblock which I haven't yet, and I'd be eternally grateful to know those.  Second, I really want to help take CS Enablement from a "there's not much out there" to a "Oh, there are a ton of resources on that!" for when new folks join this role of CS.  I feel like knowing more people's take on the following will help. 
  1.  What is current state of your CS Enablement function?  Do you have a designated CS Enablement person, or are managers or the education team doing it?
  2.  What has worked best for your team when it comes to enablement?
  3. What hasn't worked for your team when it comes to enablement?
  4. What questions are unanswered or strategies left unclear when it comes to CS Enablement? 
  5. If you've hired, or were to hire, a CS Enablement person(s), what would be the primary metric(s) you would hope they would impact positively?
I super appreciate your response and time.  
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Will Buckingham

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    Hi William,
    I think a good starting point will be to define your objectives as CS Enablement  can be interpreted differently by different people. Are you looking after CMS onboarding / training plans , maintaining internal/external Kbs?, Implementing tools?  one metric that i would define is time to onboard CSM based on certain training program and milestones, for example, if the onboarding plan includes few  internal "tests" / "assignments" that the new CSM  should achieve then I would measure that over time.
  • Broc Bebout
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    I'm interested in hearing ideas here as I have a veteran CS person that has organically moved into this role but is focused more on Customer Enablement than CS Enablement (ie, help site content, app tours, walkthroughs, product release comms and training(1:many training resources and educating CS on new functionality to support the customer), etc).  I anticipate this rolling under CS Ops and eventually would need CS Enablement but we're very small so CS training is currentlyby committee :)