Can you use Intercom for health scores?

Liam Dunne
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Hi all,

We use Intercom, it's a great conversational tool with lots of added features. Our customers can speak with us via live chat with an avg response time of 30 mins.

I'm keen to use the data (number of conversations, type of conversations, and rating of conversations) as a metric for our automated health scores, but haven't figured out a way just yet.

I'm wondering if anyone has managed to do this?



  • Jeff Breunsbach
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    Hey @Liam Dunne - I haven't done this before.

    But I wanted to talk this through and see how you are thinking about this. 
    1. In terms of number - is more conversations good or bad?
    2. Types - will that be automated or will your team need to do that manually for each conversation? Can a customer get help without a human in the chat? 
    3. Rating - is this from the customer perspective? or from our perspective?
    Like the idea, just curious on some of the details!