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Amanda Watson
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Hi GGR community!
We are building a CS program from the ground up! I am ready to develop playbooks and I am looking for a great template. Can you point me to any or perhaps share some of your playbooks.

Thank you!

Amanda Watson
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  • BenB
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    Hi @Amanda Watson - if your team is responsible for Renewals I can send you some stuff we use.  We have a lot of enterprise clients so the renewal process is heavy so might not be relevant , just let me know :)
  • Nathan Terrazas
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    Amanda, here's an excellent resource I've used to help develop a template for our CS team Slideshare - playbooks.
    I've repeatedly heard that playbooks can "be whatever you'd like them to be" but a template is certainly helpful!
  • Erika Villarreal
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    Hello Amanda!!
    This is great news. I recommend you to follow @Kristi Faltorusso on Linkedin. She is always sharing her playbooks publicly and they are gold. Also, you can also follow Client Success's youtube channel, click here: Kristi recently had a Leadership Bootcamp where she shared a lot of great resources such as the Partnership kickoff deck and playbooks.