Seeking Feedback on Vitally - CS Platform (similar to Gainsight, Client Success, Churn Zero, Catalys

Jenny Quénard
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Hi everyone! I'm currently looking to implement a CS Management platform for our startup (~25 employees). I have a demo coming up with Vitally ( and was interested to hear if anyone has any feedback/insights on this particular platform? Would love to hear about implementation time, CS services, challenges, what you would do differently if you had to implement again etc. 

Ideally, we're looking for

  • Singular Account View for Account Info (License Type, Admins, Users, Product Activity, Support Requests) across leadership, customer success team and individual customer success manager
  • Automation (Team Member Assignment, Notifications, Emails, NPS)
  • Renewals, Cross-Sell, Up-Sell, Opportunity Management
  • Automated Emails Per Metrics, such as NPS, Renewal Date, Account Creation Date
  • Quarterly Business Review Templates & Meeting Minutes capture
  • Requested Ideas Per Account (We utilize UserSnap and Asana for capturing this info)


  • SYoung
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    Hi @Jenny Quénard wondering if you went with Vitally? We are also reviewing them and I'd appreciate any feedback you have. Thank you!