Re-defining a Customer Health Score in Gainsight

Russell Bourne
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GGR community, if you're a Gainsight user who successfully modified your customer health score criteria in Gainsight, after the initial setup, I would like to hear how you did it in a real-world scenario.

I've heard and seen a number of people say health score criteria setting is great the first time, and then difficult to ever modify.  It seems like it should be simple to change settings, and that is what Gainsight collateral says to do (with a picture guide) - so I'm trying to figure out what really happens when you're successful at it.

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  • Chad Horenfeldt
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    I never had an issue making changes to the health score in Gainsight. The bigger issue is the relevancy of the score. Most of the time the vendor forces you to do something quickly so it;s best to plan out your approach before you buy a product. That way the score serves a real purpose and not just a checkbox.