What is a CSM? Presentation to Sales Team

Nick Thomas
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Hi everyone and hope you all had a great weekend.

This is my first post in the community so I am really hoping people can help and point me in the right direction.

I have been tasked by our president of sales to present to the sales team "What is as CSM and the benefits to the client?" at our sales team quarterly get together this week.

The idea is that the team see the benefit in having CSMs, but they want to be able to present something in their sales slides on what we do to clients. Has anyone had to do something like this before and what did you include? One thing I am thinking to include is "What a CSM isn't!" (i.e. we are not there as another member of support team to deal with tickets)

I hope that makes sense and look forward to any advice anyone can give or please ask any questions and I can help clarify.