What separates Partner Success from traditional Customer Success?

Georges Arnaout
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Hi everyone,

At CloudHealth, we have two routes to market, Direct and Partner (mostly focused on MSPs). My team and I have had tremendous success investing early in Partner Customer Success, making it a separate team under the larger CS organization.  For us, Partner CS is the Partner enablement (technically and commercially) to create offerings / services, go to market , and support them using our platform,  and working with the Partners to ensure the customer outcomes of their customers are met.   I am a big believer in this model as a way to scale operations globally esp. for scale-ups; yet I always find startups and scaleups focusing on it much later in their journey. 

I would love to hear from leaders who have implemented Partner Success in their orgs on what they did differently from traditional direct GTMs?




  • Sandeep Rai
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    Hi Georges,

    Hope are doing well and still managing partners, MSP or GSI's. I'm the same role and manage few GSI or MSP's and would glad to connect as i'm facing it challenging then direct customers. One of my challenge with partners is we dont get direct access to end customer so i focus more on training and education of partners resources who will managing my product to showcase value.



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    If either of you (@Sandeep Rai or @Georges Arnaout ) are open to having a conversation about Partner success, I would be interested as I am hoping to help build out a partner success program.

    Feel free to PM me.