Looking to utilize the power of networking - Do you know any leadership at Workday?

Effie Mansdorf
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Hi GGR network!

I'm posting something unique here. Not looking for advice or best practices in CS. This time, I am reaching out to see if anyone can introduce me to anyone in leadership at Workday.

I have several mutual enterprise level common customers with Workday, and Adaptive Shield, where I head the CS initiative. We have an integration with Workday, but it can use some tweaking and we really need the help of the Workday folks.  Our dev and product team hit a roadblock, and have had difficulty contacting someone who we can work together on a technical partnership.

That's where GGR and the power of Networking can come in. Anyone out there who can make an introduction with me and leadership - be it CS, product or Dev at Workday? We have a great product and I know our partnership can really give mutual value to both our organization's customers.  I'd really appreciate an intro!

Anyone out there in GGR land that can help?

Have a great week!