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Catherine McGrath
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Hi Folks,

I started a new role recently and am doing a re-build of the CS org. I've done a segmentation exercise and am now turning to mapping out what the engagement cadence should look like per segment.

I thought I'd throw that out here for some inspiration and check if anyone has something best practice they like to use. Success planning, portfolio reviews/EBRs/QBRs - has anyone found some secret sauce in a cadence they feel works best or well? I'm trying to drive something that's less organic more programmatic. But also don't want to set unrealistic expectations leading to overwhelm. Each CSM has a mixed portfolio with about 80/100 clients that they'll be actively managing.


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    Hi @Catherine McGrath ,

    Congratulations on your new role!

    The secret sauce is going to be unique to your business, goals, and product. What is your current engagement cadence? I recommend starting by evaluating your current processes and identifying what is working and what could use improvement. Are the pain points coming from your team spending too much time preparing for EBRs? Scheduling? Knowing more about the root issue will help you identify the appropriate tactics moving forward. Iterating upon current processes is going to be easier for your and for your team. For ideas on the overall QBR process, this is a great read. I have found the SMART framework especially helpful in developing meaningful success plans.

    Automating other regular engagements is also a great place to start! This article details some areas of focus for quick wins.

    I hope this helps!