Emailing users vs buyers

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Newer CSM here... I am working on crafting cancellation emails to group users as opposed to the group admin (more likely the buyer). I am trying to do research on this, and just getting general cancellation email advice, but what I am looking to learn about is how to differentiate the email when contacting the head of the account vs the group users in the account. Anyone have any advice on what to do differently when emailing group users vs admin? Or any advice on how to do further research on this? 


  • Natalie Challier
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    Hi lucy_wct - Nice to virtually meet you! It is a great idea to differentiate between the decision maker and end user, when emailing customers. I am curious why you're emailing the end users or what message you're trying to send. For example, providing off boarding instructions, sending an experience survey, or a final attempt to persuade the organization to see value in your tool (and hopefully come through with a renewal ;) ). Do the end users need to respond to your email, or it is for information purposes only? 

    Feel free to DM me if you'd like to chat 1:1 :)