Onboarding (One to Many) Set Up

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Greetings All -

My first post was over the weekend, and as I explore and learn more from the GGR community my hope is that I can get a bit more engagement. 

I work for a fairly young start up who currently is going through 1:1 onboarding. My hope is to switch to a one to many format and I'm getting caught up on how to have a reoccurring meeting schedule that doesn't go to the same clients, does that make sense? So if I'm onboarding in cohorts MWF I'd like to for the invites to look different each day.

I'd love to employ the same process with office hours. How are you all setting up time where people can hop in if they choose without overwhelming clients with invites every week?


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    I have worked on several of these over the last few years. 

    Define the onboarding process and then create an onboarding hub, direct all customers to the onboarding hub as the first step. Have each customer complete an onboarding journey in steps to move to the go live phase. If you have a CRM tool map it all out there and automate it all in it along with all other phases of the customer journey. Engage directly when there are questions, or when ARR might make it make sense. For example, automate it but have it guided as well, live, by your onboarding team or CSM for key customers critical to business growth. EVERYONE GETS AN IDENTICAL ONBOARDING PROCESS. Variations can be in how it's delivered and how certain interactions are defined. Scale, achieved! 

    I am working on possibly gamifying the onboarding process and incentivizing completing the journey in a defined period of time. 
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    @kchan38 this is where a community can be extremely helpful, for you can post all Office Hours under an events section.  If you don't have a community you could apply the same logic to your website, but be mindful of the folks that can attend if it's on a public website vs. a community with special login credentials.