How do you keep CSMs happy?

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Did you know that about 69% of current CS teams have quiet quitters? What's more alarming, 71% of CS teams had people physically quit last year, including 4.6% who had over 10 members leave 😳

So how do you keep your team happy & satisfied with their work?

Hi everyone πŸ‘‹

This post is directly related to an article Irina Vatafu, our head of CS, just published on the GGR blog:

After delving deep with our study and the connected articles, I'm curious about everyone's take on this - so don't be shy and leave a comment! πŸ˜‰

Thank you to @Heather Wendt for helping us with the article & generally being so nice!


  • Heather Wendt
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    Great and practical info included here...especially as our CS teams are often not as robust as they may have beein in the not so distant past. Important to be aware of the needs of the team and ways you as a leader can help your CSMs excel!

    And thank you, @Olivia_Williams - it was really great to work with you on this!

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    It may be old school, but I'm a big fan of quarterly employee NPS. I tell my teams, I'm good at a lot things, but I can't read minds, but if you provide valid feedback I'll do everything I can to implement positive change. If folk are hesitant to provide feedback in 1:1 the eNPS is an option for them to provide anonymous feedback. After receiving the eNPS results, I've always scheduled a team meeting to be transparent on the feedback and outline what we're doing as a result of the feedback. An example: received feedback that we've lost the "fun" at work so we did a Rockoly cooking class, we started meetings with music, for team meetings we kicked off meeting with a personal or work win of the week.

  • Irina Vatafu
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    @Heather Wendt exactly! We should treat CS team members the same way we treat our customers...we should be focused on goals, celebrate milestones, share and gather feedback and create a seamless journey to success. If companies are genuinely interested in employees' happiness and success, employee churn will decrease, just like customer churn decreases when you find the right process to support your customers. 😊

    @Michelle Wideman I feel this is the perfect example to support the theory above. It's a great idea, I'll try that too!

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