April 5, 2024 - Week in Review

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April 5, 2024

How did your Q1 close out? And how is your Q2 looking? There are definitely signs that positive changes are starting to happen with the economy, but there are also continuing impacts that are less than positive in the tech industry particularly. How are you doing with your networking? During times when uncertainty is the name of the game, who you surround yourself matters. Are you so focused on your role that you don't have time to connect? That is probably not going to land you in a good space. Carve some time out each week to connect with people in your network. These meet ups can be a benefit to your focus and leave you inspired and ready to face the demands of your job with renewed energy.

GGR is all about building connections…whether it is through our community platform or our virtual events (or live ones!), there have been many friendships forged through this space, and we love that we can be a small part of that!


🗨️ GGR CS Leadership Office Hours

The GGR Leadership Office Hours are a great way to connect with your peers through conversations about leading CS topics.

Wondering if it is worth it? Here is some feedback from our latest event:

These present a unique opportunity to bounce ideas off other professionals. The format is great, just enough of a start to get us in the right mindset, time for collaboration and close with key takeaways. Thank you for hosting these, I look forward to more!

Our 2024 schedule is now available here, and our next meetup is Thursday, April 18th and will led by @Vivian Toledo .

Be sure to register!


Office Hours Hosting Spots Available

Have a topic you would like to bring to your peers for discussion and collaboration? Our Leadership Office Hours are a great way to start the conversation, and the good news is, you are spending just a few minutes introducing it to kick off the conversation. Sound interesting? Take a moment to share your interest here.


Live in the Bay Area? Get registered and join us!

✨ GGR Live is kicking off 2024 in San Francisco! We have a terrific panel that is going to come to talk about how CS Leaders can continue to strengthen their value to the organization in a variety of ways.

April 24 at Par3 in San Mateo is going to be a time of networking and collaborating! We hope to see you there!

**Not in the Bay Area? Let us know where you would like to see a GGR Live event this year!

Register for the April event

Best Practices (Conversations)

Check out some of the great conversations happening on GGR. Click the title to see the full conversation and share your insights!


Should CEOs spend a "day in our shoes"?

This week, @Bob London shares how some big logo CEOs took time to step into some of the customer-facing roles at their organization to understand whether they were making decisions based on an understanding of customer needs. This kicks off a conversation about the risks and/or benefits of a listening tour and how that has played out in your own organizations. What do you think?


Success Metrics

@Seda recently transitioned from pay-for-success to a suscription-based model and would like to have input into how to effectively define success metrics beyond just cost savings. Have some ideas? Jump in and share!


Take the 2024 CSM Confidential Survey!

ChurnZero and SuccessCOACHING have come together with a survey about the role of a CSM. This will be shared out during CSM Appreciation Week this May, and only takes about 5 minutes to complete. Fully anonymous, and no identifying information required! Find more here.


2nd Quarter Introductions

Our new quarter Introduce Yourself Thread has started! GGR has grown dramatically just in the 2 years I have been here (we have added 5,200 new members in that time!) and it can be difficult to know who else is in the community.

If you haven't taken time yet to hop on and share a bit about who you are (regardless of how long you have been here), click the link and learn about your peers and share a bit about yourself!


📃Blog Post

5 Proven Steps to Get the Budget for Your Customer Retention Project

This week, @Anita Toth's 7th article in a 9-part series takes a look at how to ensure your presentation can help you more effectively get the buy-in you need from leadership for your customer retention project.

Using a 5-step process created from over 30 articles and the best practices of presentation experts, you can step up your presentation game.

Step 1 - Choose your focus
Step 2 - Choose your metrics
Step 3 - Use stories
Step 4 - Objections
Step 5 - Anchor your ask

Take a moment to read this article and make sure you are prepared to make your ask with a presentation that supports rather than hinders.

Read the blog now


Office Hours Summary

Scaling Data, Goals, and KPIs for Growth Stage

Data is the foundation of understanding whether your customers are reaching goals, and how that movement impacts your organizational goals and KPIs. However, the data you should be focused on will differ depending on the maturity stage of your organization.

In a recent GGR Office Hours, this was the focus of conversation. Participants looked at goals, knowing that customer relationships differ here, considerations that need to be looked at when building a scaled approach, and if you are a company with fewer than 100 customers, what is the 1 metric you should be laser-focused on? Learn what your peers had to say!


Have a GGR story?

Has the GGR community inspired, helped, or impacted you? We would love to hear how! Share your story here.

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