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Tammy Krieger
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Using “I noticed” statements are a powerful way to lead to a value based data driven conversation. Not to mention they are fresh. I watched a presentation earlier this week. The presenter offered using "I noticed" as a conversation starter. It has been so impactful here that I wanted to pass it along to all of you. 

“I noticed that your admins are submitting many how to questions to our support team. We would love to talk about a refresher training program for you to aid in their proficiency.” (upsell)  

"I noticed that your team has done xyz cool thing in our product. Would you be interested in presenting at our next conference? I know our whole community could benefit from what you are doing." (adoption, relationship quality)


  • Kevin Mitchell Leonor
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    We have a curiosity philosophy at the company I work for. So we also have used. Just curious.... I have noticed.

    It is very effective.

    Lately I have been using: Just curious, what are the products you have in your tech stacks because we have a plethora of integrations that may make the current WFH period even easier of a transition for you?

  • Jim Jones
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    I noticed this post because you began it with I noticed

    I agree with what @Kevin Mitchell Leonor said about having a philosophy of curiosity...I like to use the phrase "beginners' mind". I find that being curious helps me personally avoid making assumptions and mistakes.

  • Marijn Verdult
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    I know I'm a bit late to this party but coming from Sales, I've always been thought to reduce the amount of "I's" in my communication. Instead of "I noticed" you can also you "It seems" which makes it less about yourself and more about the customer