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Jeff Breunsbach
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We've got a fellow CS Leader who is working to document "open-ended questions" that can be asked at various stages of the customer journey.  

In particular, if we have a customer who is 2-years into a relationship, self-sufficient, etc. -- what can we be asking to generate the right discussions?  How can we keep them engaged and not become repetitive?


  • Brian Hartley
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    I feel like this is where the more you know about your customer's business (inside and out), the better off you will be as the relationship deepens.  Company and personnel news, external influences and impact to business (COVID), past discussions, etc.
    • Hey customer, I happened to read an article about your record breaking Q2, congrats!  If you continue your rapid pace of growth (and hiring) we should consider setting up future teach back sessions with your new users so that all new users are fully prepared to take advantage of application XYZ?
    • Hey customer, now with your direct supervisor having moved on - I would like to set up time with his/hers replacement in order to bring them up to speed on our partnership.  Can you and I sync on what I put together before presenting?
    • Hey customer, I recall in a previous on-site review meeting we talked about your pain around "xyz".  We are starting a beta-group of customers to begin exploring solving this pain in our application - can I count on you to be a part of the initial group?
  • Jared Orr
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    Great question ideas, @Brian Hartley. I particularly like the third one about getting them involved in a beta group. Also, if your company has a Client Advisory board or is simply in need of a testimonial, that would also be a great way to keep the client engaged.

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  • Rachel Jennings
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    Thanks Jeff for starting this topic. I think it's easy to ask how is business etc but I have been working on a list that goes a bit deeper and has my customer thinking more and helps them identify opportunity in their business. 

    I've started an Evernote with a list so that when I am in meetings I can refer back to it: 

    1. How is the XX project going? How has it been received? 

    2. What have you done with Domo at your company that you are most proud of? 

    3. What has been your biggest challenge? 

    4. How does Domo provide value to your company in terms of ROI, efficiencies or in other ways 

    Kick off meeting questions

    1. Whats worked well in rolling out software in the past

    2. What's not worked well in rolling out software in the past

    3. What's your organisations experience with Data

    4. What's the most exciting thing about your business right now? 

    5. How does your ELT get insights into what is happening in the business? How frequently are they asking you for information and what action are they driving from it? 
    6. What takes the most time in your role for you to solve when it comes to data, insights and report? 
    7. What's your company's data and analytics journey been like to date? 

    Questions to ask during COVID-19 

    1. How are you doing with WFH? 

    2. How has your business changed since we spoke (date) 

    3. What is most challenging about working remotely right now? 

    4. What do you like most about working remotely right now? 

    5. What is one thing your team is doing to stay connected and aligned as a team? (I am getting so many ideas from this, we just implemented a 30-minute virtual lunch and 4 pm virtual wine hour on Friday and it was a lot of fun. I understand not all people in HQ would be up for the wine hour.)