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Angela Guedes
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Hi all,

How do you approach playbooks within the same segment of customers? For example, in our Enterprise segment, we have customers that are brand new to our platform and customers that now qualify to CSM services because they upgraded to our highest plan. Of course, these customers have different news than a brand new one. My question is: do you create different customer journeys, with their own set of playbooks and alerts or do you have unified journey and simply skip stages that are not relevant? Does your tool support this?


  • Jeff Breunsbach
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    Love this question Angela and this is something that we're experiencing ourselves.  One idea that we're looking to implement is a Product and/or Industry maturity scale for the customers that seem to be in our Enterprise segment.  This maturity score will help us understand how we deliver content, what content we might deliver and the level of touch needed.  We might run the "same play" but the execution will differ based on that maturity level. 

    We think of it like Tetris - there will be a consistent journey made up of key-value moments, but the delivery mechanism and the content at that "key value moment" may differ based not hat maturity scale. 

    We're still the in the early stages but hopefully that helps.
  • Anita Toth
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    Good question @Angela Guedes. I hope a few more people chime in with their views cause I'm curious about this too.
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    @Angela Guedes, when a teammate and I wrote our customer journey map(s) we found it easiest to write one map for year 1 post-install, and a different map for years 2+.  (The maps were 1 year long, each).  Especially in the first half of year 1, there are many steps specific to implementation and education.  That's especially true at the Enterprise level. 

    I'm also looking forward to seeing what others answer about the tools they're using.  In our case we used SFDC tasks for the journey steps that were calendar-based, which most of them were.  I think the tasks helped the CSMs manage their proactive outreach - again, this was at the Enterprise so the touches were made manually and that worked for us.  Plus, SFDC tasks made for easy reporting within SFDC for leadership.