Examples of Tech-Driven KPI's aligning strongly with Product Marketing KPI's

Jenny Leman
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Hi all,

After my recent thread about how to comp a tech-driven team, I am going by Ed Powers advice to measure and comp on more of the leading activities this team can do vs the end outcome (Gross Retention) in order to motivate and reward them for things they can control.   This engagement model requires HIGH levels of collaboration and alignment with our Product Marketing team.

Has anyone else seen this done well or can refer me to other leaders who've led this model?  Do you have any examples of how the Tech-Driven CSMs were measured and comped?  How did that align with what Product Marketing was asked to do?  I'd love to see examples of how the KPIs for comp were presented within other companies.

TIA for any ideas or bits you can share with me. 

- Jenny