Which course is best if I want to become a CSM?

Sofia Padelis
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Hello all!

My company has suggested I might be interested in a career change into the Customer Success role. I am currently a Sales Development Rep so there is a lot of learning to do to get up to speed if I want to excel in my new, potential role!

I am thinking of this level 1 CSM course: 

SuccessCOACHING Customer Success Manager Training | SuccessCOACHING


This one: 

CSM Certification Program - 15 Classes - The Success League

Which one would you recommend for someone brand new to the CSM role?


  • Rodolfo Gutierrez
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    Interested to know as well. 

    CHIEMELA OJI Member Posts: 2 Navigator
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    I am currently transitioning to Customer Success too from Sales, and I will suggest these two;

    - CSM Level 1 certification by SuccessHacker

    - Gainsight Pulse+ Customer Success certification

    I am also interested in learning about other available options.

  • Carl Hoffmann
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    I am doing the same transition and am midway through the SuccessCOACHING Customer Success Manager Training | SuccessCOACHING Level 1 course and I can recommend this one, as a start.  Since your company is making recommendations, you may want to consider having a conversation with your manager (and/or whomever is giving the recommendation) about a course plan and emphasiez how that would benefit both you and the company.  They might even be able to absorb the cost, too.


  • Sarah Bierenbaum
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    Hello Sofia,

    You've gotten some great recommendations so far. Is recommend you also consider Practical CSM Academy
    They created the course as a self-guided online program, so you know you're learning in exactly the way it was originally intended. Additionally, per the title, the approach is super practical and gives you actionable learning from even the earliest modules.  It is also quite reasonably priced.

    If there are other folks on your team who want to get certified (I know seasoned CSMs who have recently taken these courses), I think they offer a deal for a full team to go through the program.

    Let us know what you end up doing!

    Sarah B. 
  • Kimberly Bara
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    I recently completed Levels 1 and 2 of SuccessCOACHING.  Level 1 was a 3 day bootcamp (which I loved) and Level 2 I did the online self-study model.  I feel that both were worthy investments of my time and $$.

    I also hear a lot of good things about Practical CSM and Gainsight Pulse+