CSM client load and moving from a sales led to a product led strategy

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Hey GGR Community, 
First time posting here. I am looking to connect with leaders that have experience and understanding of the following:

What is the ideal client load for a CSM?  I've been under the impression that a CSM should manage 50 accounts or no more than $2,000,000 in total ARR. 

At PI we are working on developing a product-led motion as part of our go-to-market strategy. I would love to pick the brains of those that have experience going through this evolution. What were the challenges? What would you have done differently? What were the benefits? How did you effectively plan and adapt to the changes PLG has on the organization? etc....

I look forward to discussing. 

Talk soon, 


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    Hi Michael, I am curious why you have framed it as Product led growth, and not Customer led growth?
    Opinion- hence the question above:
    It starts with a deep customer understanding (goals/needs/pains/challenges and how effectively your company can address the need/pain relative to competition). Everybody depends on that info including the  product teams, Mktg to  sales teams. (Top of the funnel -> advocacy).

    Now the ideal client load will vary. It also depends on your customer base,  ARR , revenue mix contribution, and potential.  for up sell. 

    I know @Ed Powers has also put together an excellent  spreadsheet that gives you a break down based on High touch, low touch segmentation.  I feel it is a great starting point to frame some CSM/Customer ratios. I will send the link over, once I find it.