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Lisa Pratt
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Hello - I am wondering where your organization draws the line between Customer Marketing and Customer Success when it comes to helping customers be successful at scale.  Clearly having a 1:1 conversation or providing information that will be helpful to very specific customer situations is best handled by the Customer Success organization.  But, how does your company handle communicating with and engaging customers where a larger group of customers (based on product or persona or industry) can be helped with the same message?  We leverage Customer Marketing to do the initial out reach and then the Customer Success team can follow up with customers that have more specific needs or that we observe are not taking the desired action.  Is this common practice?  Thanks for your input.

Lisa Pratt


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    Hi Lisa, An effective Voice-of-Customer (#VoC) program would provide Customer Success and Customer Marketing the opportunity to strengthen customer relationships with the targeted messaging and engagement you seek. VoC isn't about sending surveys;  it's about engaging customers via a commitment to address missed expectations via a clear ~3-4 minute persona-based assessment questionnaire that enables customers articulate what is working and what isn't. Our clients achieve 80%+ customer participation (response rates) from their assessments, gaining clear insight from the right customer contacts at the right time, including capturing the right persona descriptors as they can self-select.

    Here's an article with more detail that I hope will help:

    I'm happy to provide more detail.