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Ellen K
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What types of things have you done to market  / brand your Customer Success org - both internally within your organization and externally with customers?


  • Jeff Heckler
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    There are many ways I can recommend to share, promote, and evangelize (market) the value of CS to both internal audiences, as well as, externally to your customers.
    Two quick actionable methods I have used in the past:
    1. via Slack, email, network shares, company updates/all-hands, etc...share both quantitative ($, NRR/ARR/MRR, LTV, seats, usage, etc.) gains from your team since the last communication with names, logos, stakeholders, contributors, and the story (qualitative) behind the gains.
    2. use cross-functional initiative progress updates and milestones to share the wins/progress/efficiencies/etc. with the company highlighting the contributors and the results.
    1. EBRs/QBRs/PVRs: this is your stage to demonstrate value
    2. webinars, conferences, events, marketing collateral, community, use cases, references to showcase your customers, their leadership in their verticals, and their successes.

  • Adam Pierce
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    Hi @Ellen K,

    Our CS function is relatively new to the org and so we started by sharing playbooks/processes we were building and emphasizing how they can benefit the existing functions e.g. assistance with case studies for Marketing and Sales. We also spent time ensuring the commercial case for CS was fully understood.  

    Similar to what Jeff has mentioned above, we also now share a monthly customer story in our company Yammer channel and have found this often starts conversations and helps our visibility. 

    Good luck with your branding exercises!
  • James Stuart
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    To promote your brand externally you can create customer success stories. This is a marketing piece that shows collaboration between CS and your customers which demonstrates positive outcomes. This can then be shared internally on Slack etc but also externally on your social media platforms and websites.
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    @James Stuart Do you have an example of a customer success story that showcases CS + customers' outcomes?
  • James Stuart
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