Building Tool Stack Repertoire: How to best familiarize with CRM and CS software platforms?

Joseph Champion
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Hey guys,

Wondered if anyone had any tips for trying to familiarize with commonly used CRM and CS platforms like Salesforce, Gainsight etc?

Many of the CSM job postings I see ask for candidates to have working knowledge of this tools, and I currently have limited experience using them at this point, so would love to learn a little more about their operation and capabilities...can anytime recommend any demo tools, video tutorials, or courses that might help here?

I am about to embark on a big career pivot into CS and have spent the last 6-9 months trying to prepare as best I can before I start applying! Trying to research and learn as much as possible! (this platform as well as the GGR podcast have certainly helped a lot!)

Any feedback would be much appreciated!

Thank you, Joe


  • Victoria Shapira
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    Hi Joseph,

    It will be hard to get hands-on experience before your first role, but you should make a list of the main tools you want to know more about, and then look for demo.
    Most companies offer free demo either on their website or Youtube.

    If you have CSM connections that can spare 30 minutes/1 hour show the tools and explain to you how they use them, even better!
  • Harsh Shah
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    Hi Joseph, greetings for the day!

    I believe you can find the resources like user manuals, videos, knowledge base, and blogs from their websites/YouTube but you should focus on learning the key features or terms used in this software. Because once you get familiar with those features, you can easily learn any tool as the workflow might be different but the features and functionalities are more or less similar. Furthermore, you can also learn some important features or modules which will help you to get familiarized with those platforms.

    Best Regards,

    Harsh Shah

    Customer Success Manager, Woliba



  • Joseph Champion
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    Thank you Victoria, this is helpful...

    When you refer to the 'main tools', in your experience which tools are the most used/useful in your day-to-day?