Starting out: Best Practices

When moving into the world of Customer Success whether as a first step or a career change, what was the advice or resource that really helped you get the ball rolling?


  • Tim Gilhooly
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    Read or Listen to the audiobook "The Customer Success Professional's Handbook" A great foundation and starting point. That worked for me

  • vkulev
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    Hey @Ajgruber, don't mind the shameless self-promo, but I think some of the resources we have developed at Custify could help. I recommend that you start with our Customer Success Strategy eBook — it covers all of the CS basics. Here's the link to our resource page:

  • Natalie Challier
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    Hi Ajgruber - Whether it be a book, blog, or podcast, there are a number of established channels to find information on breaking into CS. In my opinion, nothing beats speaking to someone in the industry that has done it for themselves. Why not try a group or Eventbrite? Not only will you add connections to your network, but you'll learn firsthand about the industry in your area.

  • kmcmullen
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    Being a part of this community is a great first start! Networking, talking to current CSMs about their day, etc. Also understanding yourself and your motivations. I find Client Success Managers need to be self-starters, really good at managing through ambiguity, and strong at building partnerships.